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G. Finkenbeiner Inc. 33 Rumford Ave Waltham, MA 02453. Telephone: (800)552-6182, 781-899-3138. Fax 781-647-4044


Thomas Hession


Head Glassblower


Thomas Hession began his career in 1979, as a scientific glassblower here at G.Finkenbeiner Inc. at the age of fifteen. Working closely with Gerhard Finkenbeiner for twenty one of his twenty nine years here has been one of his greatest benefits. Tom has been in the unique position to fill many pairs of shoes over the span of his time here.
Initially, Tom worked here part time after school. He attended Waltham Vocational High School where he studied metal fabrication. This experience paved the way for his apprenticeship in glassblowing. As a result of his work study program, Tom was hired to clean the shop, stock glass, and ship packages. During this time, he worked under master glassblower Frank Ducharme.
At age seventeen he was given the opportunity to begin his full time apprenticeship under Peter Hawkett. His responsibilities in this time were devoted to the fabrication of quartz wafer carriers for the developing semiconductor industry.
In 1987, the tides turned in Tom's favor. Mr. Hawkett returned to his native England, and in doing so opened his position for Tom. This was the first void in the history of this company that Tom filled. His responsibilities increased dramatically. Now instead of being devoted to one specific project, Mr. Hession was responsible for all quartz fabrication, including plasma semiconductor chambers.
This time also marked a new era in Tom's life. He now worked directly under Gerhard Finkenbeiner. Also, at this time he was blessed with his first son Thomas Hession Jr, as well as being promoted to Vice President.
Working under Gerhard provided many milestone achievements. Tom was involved in assembling the first glass armonica made in over one hundred years by Mr. Finkenbeiner. Over the span of his career he has been involved in ever major operation of G.Finkenbeiner Inc. and continues to set the standard of glass production here today. Tom and Diane became the owners of G.Finkenbeiner Inc in August of 2007.

Diane Hession

Office Manager - V.P.


Diane Hession graduated from Bradford High School in 1984 in Kenosha, WI. After Graduation, she came to New England in search of better opportunities. Diane started working at G. Finkenbeiner, Inc. in 1986 part time doing shipping, receiving and cleaning. Much like Tom, she was unaware at the time of the impact this decision would have on her life. Tom and Diane Hession were married on 2-27-87. They are now the proud parents of three children, Thomas Jr., Daniel, and Jaymie.

At present, times have changed, Diane now single handedly runs the office, and the shipping and receiving end of the business. She also handles many of the price quotes and materials purchasing.


Shaun Conroy


Head of Music Department

Shaun Conroy is a year 2000 graduate of Mass College of Art .He started here immediately after graduation, making Glass Armonicas and working in the glassblowing shop. Shaun has cut back to part time at G. Finkenbeiner, Inc. He solely works on the Glass Armonica production.


Thomas Hession Jr.

Thomas & Diane's eldest son, TJ has decided to try his hands at glassblowing. TJ is a 2006 graduate of Keefe Tech vocational school in Framingham. He has a skilled background in carpentry. TJ is hoping to use some of his skills here at GFI. He has been helping in the shop with cutting and prep of glass. He has been doing local deliveries and shipping and receiving. He will continue to practice glassblowing in order to further his abilities here at GFI.


Daniel Hession

Daniel, the middle child, helps out in the shipping and receiving department.  Along with the cleaning and trash detail, he helps his father in the shop.  Currently attending Hopkinton High School as a junior, he helps out when in need of cash like any other high school student. 


Jaymie Hession

Office Helper

Jaymie is an excellent addition to our office staff as well as our shipping and receiving department. Currently attending Hopkinton High School as a sophomore, she helps her mother Diane on school breaks by learning the ropes here at G.F.I.