Gerhard Finkenbeiner
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Gerhard in the 60's demonstrating his craft Gerhard at a Classical Music function

Gerhard Finkenbeiner, born April 11th, 1930, was one of the world's best Scientific Glassblowers. His experiences as a young boy in Germany gave him an early start in his outstanding career. He was also an inventor, musician, scientist and an accomplished pilot. Few can claim to have realized their dreams the way Gerhard did. He will be remembered most for his friendship.

He and his plane disappeared on May 6th, 1999.

Although we never know what has become of him, his spirit lives on in the people who have shared his life and enjoyed his accomplishments.

Gerhard was a father, a generous employer, an inspiring mentor, and our hero.

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  • a large picture of Gerhard and his plane
  • Gerhard and Thomas Bloch
  • working on a complex piece 60's
  • working on one of his inventions; Quartz Bells
  • with his previous plane in the 70's
  • Gerhard playing his Glass Harmonica at Sarresborg 1990
  • with Sons, Pascal, Stephan and Bertrand
  • with glassmusicians at the recording of Christ Hall '90
  • with friend and glass musician Vera Meyer
  • with friend and glass musician Dean Shostak
  • working and talking on the phone
  • happily getting out early
  • on a boat with friends Colin and Virginia Steele